The Need For Impeachment

It seems that I just wrote about impeachment not too long ago. Whilst the wrong action was taken–from McConnnell to Murkowski–alas, we have been afforded a last chance to right the ship. I will not berate you, listless-vacuum-Trump Raided-swampy-spineless–GOP with the litany of reasons of your lack of foresight and therefore leadership. We warned you that this situation was coming, that it was in the horizon–and you didn’t believe it. You act like amateurs, I know…but now you’re afforded another chance to right your wrongs. (Mmm, I still think you won’t listen though, but here my case goes.)

After WWII, Japan was focused on moving on away from its past actions simply because of the horrors from the destruction of two nuclear bombs. The time for self-evaluation and self criticism was swift and welcomed. For Germany, in the absence of the former leader through suicide, reality afforded the cognitive space for balanced reflection and denigration of the immediate past for the country as a whole.

We are not afforded that luxury in this climate–all things being equal and assuming Trump doesn’t die of natural causes anytime soon. (God knows his personal love of self would not entertain the possibility of suicide, EVER.) Some issues that the GOP is giving as reasons for not proceeding with impeachment–that it would not bring the country together, that it would not bring reconciliation, and that it perhaps it is too late–shows further lack of foresight and leadership.

Does the GOP think that reconciliation will be possible with a Trump able to run for office again lies in the four year horizon? Does the GOP think that swift censure of its Senators and Representatives calling to overrule the new president’s legitimacy is not needed? If you think not, then you are no true Republicans and neither are you true patriots–you are pusillanimous pussy footers with no leadership nor foresight needed to safeguard our institutions and democracy.

We do not need to for the cabinet to call on article 25 or whatever. We do not need for Trump to resign. WE NEED TO IMPEACH. Only this helps safeguard our democracy from future attacks. The GOP needs to recognize the onus of the situation. You can’t be like Europe pre-Nazi take over, not believing in the inherent evil intent of self serving humans. Evil is out there, it exists, it is rampant; and regardless of how goodly you lead your lives, or how great you believe our democracy to be, or how much you may trust our institutions, or how rampant covid may be, it does not diminish it nor ameliorate it. Know this. Internalize it. Digest it. Own It.

What will bring this country together is the future immobilization of Trump and all he stands for. It destroyed your party, your hallowed Lincolnian house–do not let it destroy our country and our hallowed democratic institutions. Do not let it destroy our standing as a beacon on a hill for all emerging cultures that hunger for peace, justice, and equality. Do not let the inherent integrity, power, foresight, and light of our great constitution fail to offer respite, guidance, and light to future generations of humans forging a path forward towards equality and justice for all. You must right your wrongs or ever live in historic infamy–we will not forget–you must impeach, now. (And while you are it, figure out a way to invalidate all pardons coming from this president and future ones to come.)

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