A Longing, Deferred: Coming Together As A Nation, Without The First Couple.

I believe that man will not merely endure: he will prevail. He is immortal, not because he alone among creatures has an inexhaustible voice, but because he has a soul, a spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance. –William Faulkner


It dawned on me one afternoon of continuous TV news and press briefings and covid-19 updates. While we were all coping with the quarantine normal, our prayers and thanks slowly and valiantly started coming out, everywhere.


After the silent tsunami of the virus, this tsunami of coping together started being seen in social media and TV commercials and news reports of thank you notes for those on the frontlines. There are now hashtags, cars honking for grandma’s birthday, video calls full of love and hope and thankfulness.


Some of us cry when we read what is happening in the front lines or scream at the TV when we hear no leadership coming from the White House. And some of us also worry, Still. A lot. We are apprehensive about what the new post phase 1 pandemic America will be.


One thing became clear—and this is what dawned on me that afternoon. We have not turned to our president to console us, to provide us with the spiritual strength to carry on, to inspire us to keep hope alive and move forward. And we have not expected it either.


And we have been ok with it—it was not an expectation that we carried with us. It is like we knew not to count on the first couple to be there for us in spirit. Let that sink in. Truly question yourself—whether a Trump supporter or not–did you expect it? Why not? That’s not the job of a president? Ha, ask that of Wilson or Churchill during WWII or Bush after 9/11!


And then I had to do a consciousness change and think: WWBD—what would Barbara do? WWOD—what would Obama do? WWMD—what would Michelle do? WWRD—what would Reagan do? What kind of conversation would any of the immediate first couples of the past 50 years have with the nation?


The fact of the matter is that there is no leadership of the heart there. (I can totally picture Marianne Williamson agreeing.) But it’s true. And we know this. It’s true not in an esoteric or hard-to-fathom way. It is as obvious as Lysol commercials warning us not to do what the president just intimated. It is as obvious as Pence not wearing a mask when visiting a hospital. It is as stark a reality as the complete absence of the first lady.


But we kind of expected it. Yea, we did. And many of us wonder how ridiculous or disingenuous it would sound if Trump all of a sudden expressed deep felt sympathy or an understanding of the gravity of the situation on the American soul and collective psyche.


So here we are, surviving and coming together despite the fact that there is an emotional wasteland residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He has not tamed our indomitable American spirit—it lives within us and with it we move forward.


So there is a longing, not just for quarantines to end or for people to be well and not suffering. There is a longing beyond the banal hope of normalcy. There is a longing to be led with fearlessness and kindness and inner strength; a longing rooted in our core by the founding mothers and fathers of this great republic. May the future smile on us and allow us to become whole again.



VP Land of Choices

It’s not just because Trump gets a fail grade in handling the pandemic—I have been giving him fail grades since he started office—it’s that the only fail grade I did not give him was the one in which he out maneuvered his opponents AND the general electorate and got voted into office. Let that sink in—yes all of you Democrats especially, and read on.


Plenty of you have written op-eds telling Joe who to pick, which cabinet positions to give to whom—heck, I am not surprised if one of you has not already picked a few new paint jobs for specific rooms or what the future first lady’s cause celebre should be! So calm down little donkeys and let’s get some facts clear.


First, Biden was pressured to say that he would pick a woman—a mistake on his part to acquiesce, not because of the woman part—but more on that later. A presidential candidate should pick someone that s/th/he/y feel/s comfortable with; my momma used to say, always trust your gut! Secondly, s/th/he/y should always pick a winner—not one that will outshine her/him/they. Thirdly, that VP candidate should be able to carry the torch in case of mechanical failure while driving the presidential suite.


So why on God’s great Earth would you pick a losing candidate from the group—especially if at Biden’s age and hint it might be one and done. So yea, no on Kobluchar/Harris/Warren/etc. The people already spoke—thank you but no thank you. Capisce? Let that sink in my little burritos. There are plenty of Cabinet chairs to give out coming out of that busted piñata to give honor to all considered (the country (1st), the candidate, and the cabinet position.)


In my opinion that leaves a lot of great patriots to consider.  The short list becomes Susan Rice, Stacey Abrams, and Gov. Whitmer. Ms. Rice has the brains and pedigree, I feel that she would be fantastic–a no BS minority woman.  (Small concern on how her family would fare with all the attention considering her son’s political views.)  Stacy Abram’s infectious smile and adeptness at getting votes (may I emphasize this—that woman, charming as all get out, CAN get votes) is a plus, nothing beats true grit of lengthy experience.  She would bring an energetic, activist spirit to the ticket, however.


So that leaves photogenic/telegenic Gov. Whitmer. She is female, a lawyer, a Democrat from a swing state, and a Governor. She was also an educator and a state representative. She is also younger and she chose an even younger lieutenant governor from Detroit. The lieutenant governor, who is black, had also worked for non profits and was director for MoveOn.org. So for you lefties out there, this is all part of your crop, so feast on that.


Enough said except that well, it has to be a woman, right? Let me make it clear—when it is time for a woman to be president, it’s going to happen. It’s like with your loved one, when it is the right person, it will not be pulling teeth—it will be easy as pie, a right fit. That woman is not on the horizon yet. Even though Gavin Newsome is—how is that for a grain of thought? Smart, leftie, business savvy, a Governor.


But I am not too worried, 2024/2028 will bring its own candidates and I hope of all shades of the rainbow as Biden courteously steps down after bringing all of us together.


Now let’s work to put him in office and regain America’s true greatness and might, a strength measured in our humility and kindness. While I do not hold all the accolades of those who opined on the subject before me, rest assured that this post is deeply rooted in a constant, burning love and admiration for our great republic and its forebears.