A Path For Pete, (Part 3) Post IA & NH

So here we are, levelheadedness has prevailed.  Cool, calm, collected Pete has remained above the fray and although he has not delivered all the incisions necessary to bolster his overall message, he is continuing to deliver.  Intelligence is key as a president, and if Klobuchar et al would start thinking right, they would know that experience by their standards is not what is swaying voters minds.  It is the message, stupid!  (Not, “The Economy, Stupid” (which will be Trump’s mantra..))

There is something that experience cannot teach you but the distillation of life and human behavior can–and that is to sound genuinely presidential because it is echoed from an unwavering inner belief that you are the one; that you are the best suited to be chosen next.  Pete has the burgeoning of that spirit, and now, after swatting away flies–you are too young, you are too inexperienced, you are too white–he must now amp it up;  because people hearing your message and knowing what you are truly about will become easier as the field winnows.

From now until Super Tuesday, your mantras:

  •  As I said before, Democrats choosing another older white man to represent them against Trump will be a losing choice.
  •  Sanders will not fare well in this economy and uncommitted Americans will not like the choice of an angry Socialist VS an angry, demeaning, turd-tyrant.
  • Hammer message #2, let message number 1 take care of itself.  Begin to hammer in that label: “angry socialist” in a kind manner.  Kindness will be key when being on the attack, it will be effective with an electorate tired of the lack of it from Trump and this electorate you hope will become your future one.
  • Reach out to past (or non viable) contenders and see who can be brought into the fold.  Maybe form a Green Initiative with Insley and Steyer?  Criminal Justice Reform with Harris?  Eventually Health Equality and Justice with Warren?  Immigration Reform with Castro?
  • Running as a “Uniter.”  This act would be disingenuous if you do not successfully reach out to past/losing contenders(see #4.)  Americans have a hunger to become intertwined by ideals that will bring them together.  Never before have any of us experienced this divisiveness in our lifetimes and never before do we hunger and thirst to be united and rightfully feel that America is on track again as a force of good in the world.  The desire for justice and equality lies dormant within and it must germinate and be awakened again.
  • Running as a “Centrist.”  While once in office you may veer more towards an agenda more akin to the American left, it is key to make everyone see that this is the best strategy to beat Trump, be a centrist.
  • Running on a platform centered on a “Moral Compass.”  Expand on your faith, and your struggles as a minority (show perhaps vulnerability.)  Make people feel a kinship with you–with this you inspire trust and with trust you get elected regardless how great the economy (Obama built) is going.  Show how this will make you the right person to bring people together to make the right reforms to our democracy.

This is key here, while Obama was running as the change candidate, your candidacy should be about Reform to our democracy and way of life as Americans in all ways–in the way we treat each other, in the way we interact with the rest of the world, in the way we intrinsically know that all humans are created equal, in the way we respect this earth, in the way we figure out how to have our great wealth benefit the general population.  You have to become the Reform Candidate.  Comparisons to others will fade as you come into your self.