Republicans Should Hire Chess Players and Not Lawyers—regrets and the vantage point of looking back

I am an Ordinary American—a simple restaurant server—and, as such, profess to know very little about political strategy, expenditure, and capital.

Five things I would think about if I were Mitch McConnell regarding impeachment:

The expenditure that you and your colleagues are doling out defending Trump. Not following Trump’s leadership and falling out of line has had severe consequences for many of you, so you have put Party before personal principles time and again ad nauseam but now you are putting Party before the well being of the Republic. At this critical step you will no longer just be continuously overlooking his potty mouth and putrid self serving heart but the great Constitution upon which we stand.

Lets say that you are able to go with your speedy Senate trial, which Pelosi will up end anyway. Do you think that what Mulvaney, Blair, Bolton, and Duffey have to say will forever remain unknown? What will you do then if what they have to say ends up being damning? What if all of this is known right before the next election?

Go beyond Republican or Democratic political capital being won or loss. What state would the country be in? How will the citizens of this great nation be feeling en masse? How would our divisions be breached? Do you personally stand to benefit from the continuous chaos like Trump always benefits from or when does your heart and moral compass kick in—at your too-late dying breath or now?

Did you think of bringing in Lott and Daeschle to advise the Senate on how best to proceed? The nation will not believe in you or the majority senate party if you do not have a fair trial, even I know that. So you proceed with the continued propaganda engine?

While it may be true that some Democrats wanted to impeach long ago, it was only because they had this bull in the China shop breaking historic norms right and left and many felt outrage. But then that bull came for the sacred urn of our Constitution—there was no turning back then, so here we are.

Pelosi will hang the articles of impeachment over your head for months if need be until those closest to the President are heard. (I also predict that the Chief Justice presiding would go beyond his bounds as well and rule on the side of the Constitution, so beware—hard times will require never before employed tactics.) What is there to fear—truth? Most were afraid of their despots throughout time, be it Hitler, Stalin, or Robespierre. They came down falling and they did not rule in a place where a constitution like ours was in place. Do you think that what our founders intended will slowly disintegrate now?

Yes you have read letter after letter from reputable writers on the decline of the Republican Party; on questioning your morals; on the hardships of continuously defending this president; on how your party is now spouting Russian propaganda. Aren’t you tired of it?

I’ve been through it at 1.0 lite compared to you 1000.0 heavy and am done with it. What gives? What do you feel when you go to your office, clear the room, shut the door, and are there alone in silence? In that silence are you afforded peace of mind, in your personal faith a sense of justice, in your practice of leadership a strength of right? In the end, when you shut the door, turn off the news reports, and breathe, you are only Mitch—nobody owes you anything and you owe nobody anything.

I will quote Faulkner’s banquet speech,a fellow born southerner of yours, for he said it best, (with my insertions)

I believe that [The Great Constitution of these Great UNITED States] will not merely endure: [IT] will prevail. [IT] is immortal, not because [IT] alone among creatures has an inexhaustible voice, but because [IT] has a soul, a spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance.

And IT shall ever remain our Beacon on a Hill.

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