Finally, Impeachment Proceedings

While some fear the path we are about to undertake as a nation, I have no fear, and trust that the mechanism of sound government that has led us here will lead us out of it.  I also feel that the country as a whole will be the better for it.

On the point that this will damage Democrats in the long run for it may achieve nothing–and not go beyond the House–I say this: if the least we do is impeach the bastard only in the House, the Republicans will have a leader smeared by such censure going into the general election plus this act will have riled up the democratic base and push more folks to show up at the polls.  If Gringich is comparing this to the Clinton impeachment, a word to the wise: that’s the impeachment that really should have never happened, perjury regarding an extramarital affair that should have been between Hillary and Bill to begin with.  This is way different, and we are just beginning to uncover the whole lot of it.

Do not underestimate the results of Trump’s house of cards crumbling.  Who knows how many whistle blowers will come out of the woodwork–they may be all racing to open that door first lest they be ridiculed by a nation later on.  What else is stored on that separate server?  And remember, people who live in glass houses should have never thrown so many stones.  What about all the previous–some respectable public servants–that left or got fired by Trump?  What will they have to say now?  And how much?

History will judge us so poorly, even as we prepare to impeach, for having elected him in the first place and for his party allowed to be played and bullied by him from the primaries on.  All will come to a head next November and our true mettle will be shown.

In the meantime, let’s hope that public opinion and whatever else comes out of this investigation will lead the Senators to finally fight for America and leave the cesspool of so called “partisanship” aside.  May this process help drain some of the stinking mess in that swamp.  I look forward to Moscow Mitch and Little Lindsey eat their words as they face American TV cameras announcing the intent to proceed with impeachment proceedings.  Now that would be the best Christmas present that branch of government will have ever given to the people it supposedly represents!



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