Let me explain myself…

For the sake of brevity, I will paint with wide brush strokes.

As a practicing non-dualist, the view of the world seen that is examined is through that lens.  (When referring to “I,” it is always the incarnation in body form.)  I see the world spiraling inward, towards the knowledge of how truly and extensively connected we all are; in short I see it spiraling towards oneness.  The trek of human evolution and intelligence has been hinting at this overarching process for decades, oft in repeating patterns, if not centuries–but to be brief, I will mostly speak about the last fifty to one hundred years roughly.

From the Industrial Revolution and the continued increase in technology and travel springing forth, a continued push towards self identification among individual countries and emphasis on boundaries and delineations and allocation of resources continued into world wars.  Like a child beginning to know him/herself, pointing to its chest, “me, mine” the understanding of “other” came to be as well.  This was entrenched for decades following world wars and the old construct of hunt or be hunted in its many forms persisted, as well as all the permutations of “me, mine:” national pride, racism, wealth acquisition, increased borders, geopolitical influences, etc.

Let that simmer for thirty years and the only one ever-present truth of this existence, namely that all is impermanent, continues its effect.  Namely, change will always keep happening, time does not stop, the ball keeps rolling down the tube and never in a straight undisturbed path.  Within that path, this ball (heavy and dense due to all the darkness it holds,) will sometimes swing left to then be carried right by gravity; sometimes it will swing towards its opposite, light, and then not. (Humor me on this image.)

Glasnost occurs followed by the advent of the internet and from this point forward, all past actions of humanity that normally would take a century to occur in will henceforth happen in a lifetime or so from here on out.  Also, with this came a rise of the conscious knowledge that we are all connected–from the sharing of funny selfies to sweet animal videos to trade agreements to help for a country after a natural disaster, etc.

So back to the presidential election.  Which candidates do you think represent this rise in consciousness?  Which factions have mirrored it so far?  Why is the Republican Party as we have known it about to burst at the seams?  Why is the voice of the left gathering unprecedented support as well as the most base factions of humanity?  Which is flowing in the path towards one consciousness?  Which party is going to succeed in redefining itself as the world changes around it and which will forge the most enlightened path into the future?  All bets are off and old thinking is anathema.